Ideally Suited To Handle Your Appeal

Appellate law is altogether different from handling cases at the trial court level. While success in both areas requires thorough knowledge of local, state and federal statutes, appellate law places an emphasis on analytical and writing skills, as well as a penchant for research.

Attorney Sara M. Mayo Vig's meticulous attention to details and polished oral and written skills are ideally suited for appellate work. She has experience handling civil and criminal appeals in state and federal appellate courts. Mrs. Mayo Vig handles appeals in cases the firm handled in the lower courts, as well as cases referred to her by other lawyers.

Appealing the outcome of a criminal case may result in overturning your conviction, obtaining a new trial or reduction of your sentence. A criminal appeal or post-conviction petition may make sense if:

  • You had ineffective legal counsel
  • False arrest or police did not follow proper procedure
  • Improper admission or exclusion of evidence
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • The judge made errors that prevented you from obtaining a fair trial
  • The sentencing was unjust

These cases are time-sensitive, so call our office today.

An Exclusive Group

The complexities of appellate work lead to a smaller group of self-selected lawyers who choose to practice in appellate law. Rather than working to convince a jury using the evidence at hand, appellate attorneys attempt to correct errors by the lower court, expose misinterpretations at that level or expand the interpretation of existing case law.

Mrs. Mayo Vig develops persuasive briefs and oral presentations with the objective of overturning lower court decisions or defending successful outcomes. We welcome the opportunity to handle your criminal or civil appeal. Call (217) 241-5624 to schedule a consultation. We represent clients throughout Illinois from our office in Springfield.