A Drug Crime Conviction Can Change Your Life

The Right Lawyer Can Make A Big Difference

Effective criminal defense of drug charges often begins with looking at the very beginning of the case. Did the police have probable cause for making the arrest? Was any evidence taken from your property without a properly executed search warrant? Were you in possession of the illegal narcotics or should someone else be charged? Did the prosecutor illegally increase the charges to include intent to distribute narcotics?

If you are under investigation or have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or state or federal felony drug charge in central Illinois, call the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo Vig right away. Springfield attorney Sara Mayo Vig is an experienced, knowledgeable and effective criminal defense lawyer, and will immediately begin working to protect your rights.

Ability To Fight All Types Of Drug Charges

Our firm has earned a reputation for aggressive representation and integrity. Prosecutors and judges know that we thoroughly investigate the facts and that will use every legal strategy to help our clients avoid a conviction and harsh penalties.

Call us if you are under investigation or have been charged with any type of state or federal narcotics offense, including:

  • Illegal marijuana possession
  • Possession with intent to deliver, drug distribution
  • Juvenile drug offenses
  • Methamphetamine, meth lab operations
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Crack, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy and other felony narcotics charges
  • Cultivation or manufacturing
  • Illegal Internet drug sales
  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Theft offenses related to drug addiction

Chemical Dependency Offenses And Alternatives To Jail

The courts know that many narcotics offenses are committed because of chemical dependency. If you have a prescription drug addiction or chemical dependency problem, we will work with the prosecutor to find an alternative to a conviction. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and charges, there may be options available such as chemical dependency treatment that will allow you to avoid a harsh punishment upon successful completion.