A DUI Conviction Will Change Your Life

We Work To Minimize The Impact Of A DUI Charge...

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs anywhere in central Illinois can have a devastating impact on your record, your bank account and possibly your freedom. Whether this is your first DUI or you have been charged in the past, hiring an experienced defense lawyer is your best option for avoiding serious penalties.

A DUI can happen to anyone. Now is not the time to be too embarrassed to get the help you need. For sound advice and strategic DUI defense advocacy, call the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo Vig. Springfield, Illinois, based attorney Sara M. Mayo Vig has earned recognition among central Illinois prosecutors and judges for providing vigorous representation focused on helping her clients get the best possible outcome.

A Successful Track Record Fighting DUI Charges

The Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo provides comprehensive DUI defense services, including criminal matters such as:

First-offense DUI

Second-offense and repeat-offense DUI

Felony DUI

DUI accident charges

Driver's license suspensions and reinstatement

Mrs. Mayo Vig has had great success in defending DUI and felony DUI charges both at trial and through negotiations. Because every case is different as are the needs of each client, Mrs. Mayo Vig makes herself well-acquainted with the facts of each individual case in order to help her clients win at trial or better their positions with respect to negotiations.

What Our Offices Do For You

  • Thoroughly review the police report and circumstances of your arrest
  • Investigate the police's probable cause for making the traffic stop
  • Investigate the validity of the field sobriety test and blood alcohol content (BAC) results
  • Explore all potential options for reducing or dropping charges
  • Examine alternatives to a conviction and/or traditional penalties
  • Fight to protect your constitutional rights