Leveling The Playing Field Against Federal Prosecutors

The federal criminal justice system is significantly different from state courts. More importantly, the punishments for a conviction are usually much harsher. Federal prison sentences usually do not allow for the possibility of parole.

Criminal defense attorneys must have an in-depth knowledge of federal court procedures, rules of evidence and sentencing guidelines. Call the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo Vig in Springfield if you are dealing with charges related to:

  • White collar financial crimes such as mail and wire fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, identity theft, welfare fraud and embezzlement
  • Sex crimes such as distributing child pornography or sex trafficking
  • Narcotics offenses like interstate drug trafficking and distribution
  • Weapons violations like trafficking of stolen weapons

With any of these charges, it is important to seek representation as quickly as possible. If you learn you are under investigation, do not wait until prosecutors file charges. We can get to work quickly to protect your rights in an investigation. We may even be able to prevent charges from even being filed.

Attorney With Extensive Experience In The Federal Justice System

Attorney Sara Mayo Vig is qualified to handle federal criminal cases in all federal courts in Illinois. She is a current member of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel for the U.S. District Court of Central Illinois.

The CJA is a group of court-approved lawyers with proven qualifications to represent individuals who do not have the financial resources to pay for a federal criminal defense attorney. To qualify for the CJA panel, attorneys must have proven credentials, including a demonstrated knowledge of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

When so much is at stake, put your trust in an attorney who has represented countless people facing federal charges and knows the complexities of the system.