How Do I Get My Driver's License Back?

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can severely disrupt your life because of a driver's license suspension or revocation. Here in Springfield and throughout central Illinois, there is no getting around the fact that you need to drive to get around effectively. Without a license, you could lose your job.

At the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo Vig, we understand how important your license is to you. We can walk you through the license reinstatement process to give you the best chance at restoring some or all of your driving privileges. Attorney Sara Mayo is familiar with the hearings before the Secretary of State's office and can help you thoroughly prepare.

Do Not Go To Your Hearing Alone


The state does make available restricted driver's licenses for people to be able to work, seek medical treatment or meet other needs. When your license is suspended, you must apply to the Secretary of State's office for a hearing. In that hearing, you will be asked long series of questions about your DUI conviction, your drinking habits and your needs for a license.

The steps to restore driving privileges are extremely complex. The slightest mistake could mean your license will be suspended for months or even a year. If you attempt to drive with a suspended license, you could be exposing yourself to further legal troubles.