Fighting Violent Crime Charges In Illinois

Make no mistake, a misdemeanor or felony charge for a violent crime or a sex offense means you may be facing a heavy penalty. A conviction can mean time in jail, thousands of dollars in fines, and your name placed on a list of violent offenders or sex offenders for years.

You can't afford to hope for the best right now. You have to fight aggressively to protect your future. If you are under investigation or have been charged with a violent crime or sex offense in central Illinois, call the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo Vig in Springfield. You have the constitutional right to vigorous, effective legal counsel — you deserve to know that your lawyer won't let you down.

Get An Aggressive Trial Lawyer On Your Side

Mrs. Mayo Vig is a successful trial lawyer and if going to trial is the best option in your case, she will vigorously defend your rights and do all she can to obtain the best resolution possible. Mrs. Mayo Vig is also an accomplished negotiator who is frequently able to negotiate favorable plea agreements on behalf of her clients.

Our office can represent you on all types of felony and misdemeanor violent crime charges, including:

  • Sex offenses like rape, sexual assault and child pornography
  • Murder, homicide or manslaughter
  • Aggravated assault or battery
  • Misdemeanor assault, bar fights
  • Juvenile assault and gang-related charges
  • Domestic assault, child abuse
  • Vehicular assault or manslaughter from a DUI accident